Orthodontics and Invisalign® Orthodontic techniques can be used to move teeth and bring about realignment of the jaws for many different purposes. Upon examination or consultation one of the dentists at Westbrook Dental Centre will be able to advise you if orthodontics is required.Orthodontics can help: • Crooked teeth • Improperly aligned teeth • Realign the jaws • Enhance cosmetic facial profiles • Improve smiles • Close gaps between teeth • Prepare teeth position for cosmetic and implant procedures • Assist treatment of TMJ disorders • Help facial developmental disorders There are many ways to provide orthodontic services such as: metal braces, ceramic braces, gold braces, and even lingual “hidden braces”. An alternative and cosmetic way to do orthodontics is via Invisalign®. This is a highly cosmetic procedure that may have many advantages for you. Below is a brief description of Invisalign® Description of Invisalign • Invisalign is a technique that does not use conventional braces • A series of clear removable aligners are worn and used to straighten teeth • They almost are invisible when worn and are an excellent cosmetic way to straighten teeth • Most orthodontists are trained to use the Invisalign method • Not all cases can be treated with InvisalignHow does Invisalign® work? • Models are taken of the teeth and aligner retainers are made using a 3D computer imaging techniques • Each retainer is worn for about 2 weeks • With each new retainer, incremental changes to tooth position are made that slowly bring about the final result • Periodic visits to the office are made for observation and adjustment • A total of 18 to 30 retainers may be required to complete the treatment which may take up to 9 – 18 months on average

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